Technical and creative audio services for the modern music industry

Live content production

At the forefront of our workload, we specialise in the audio recording of live content for online promotion. Whether it’s a gig, live video session or other creative concept, we will work with you to capture your live sound and produce it to a professional standard.

For the complete audio & visual package, we have a unique relationship with ROPO films - a video production team whom we have worked with extensively to create a wide range of creative content. Please feel free to contact us for our different services and rates.


Studio based recording and production

Our true passion, we love to record and produce acts in the studio environment! Let us help you create, record and produce your musical vision to the best quality it can be.

We have access to our own studio, we can come to a studio of your choice - or for the more ambitious projects we can turn various spaces into a recording studio.

Sound engineering & location recording

We have built a team of dedicated engineers who can cater to your live, pre and post production engineering needs.

Furthermore, we have worked with film and advertising companies for location audio recording for video. Whatever your needs, get in touch.

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